Monday, August 29, 2011

From the garden:

2011 has been the year of the raspberry.  I pick at least 5 cups of delicious berries every other day from my back yard.  These are all volunteer plants - I didn't plant any of them on purpose.  We eat them just like grama served them to us - with some milk and sugar for dessert.  Actually, grama would probably have used cream, but it's still delicious with milk.  If there are any berries left we freeze them for winter - oh, can you imagine the sunkissed sweetness in the middle of January? So Yum.

Also in my garden this year:

Something, I suspect a mole, has been digging and chewed through all of my pea stems.  I'm glad we got as many peas off as we did, they were mighty fine, and growing really well.  I will have to remember to plant those again.

The house we are hoping to buy has gardens, oh boy, the gardens!   I might as well go ahead and tell you, it's an acreage!  Our very own homestead.  I've got big dreams of chickens and honeybees, Saskatoons and of course, raspberries.  I'm making lists.  Lists of the things that my grama used to grow (she lived on a farm not too far from here), lists of things that grow well here, lists of foods we like to eat.  All the while praying and hoping for our little house to sell so we can make these dreams real.  

Thursday, August 25, 2011

At Peace with our house.

Big changes happening here chez Silver Sisters.
First of which (chronologically), Selling our house.
Anyone who's sold a house before knows that it can really stress your relationship with your home.  
All you see are the flaws, the reasons no one will ever ever buy it, how it doesn't fit you anymore.  
But I remind myself that we bought it once, not so very long ago, and we were so happy to have it.  

It's been a good house.  We brought 2 babies home to this house.  
Made a home away from home for a nanny,  chased a naughty puppy around this house.
Nurtured our old dog for the last time in this house.

I love all the corners of this house.  The light. The wood floors. The crazy paint colors.
I even like that it's small, because that just makes it cozy.    

(But boy do we have big dreams, big plans, I can't wait to tell you.)

p.s. Ailsa says she likes the soft carpet in her bedroom best.