Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heart You.

“Mom, Mom, you forgot the I!”

I Heart You.
It was a message for her dad.
Made from strawberry tops and cookie cutters
photographed and emailed.

Heart You.
was the message I saw. Love you.
Give yourself a great big hug just because.
And smile, because you are worthy of it.

(for 52photosprojects one word. )

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thoughts on Exercise. #2

On exercise:
You may remember I posted about exercise at the beginning of May.  About getting out and doing *something* 5 days a week in that month to kickstart an exercise habit.  The most important part is not that I nearly accomplished that goal, but that I figured out what is keeping me from exercising.  


yes, those days I didn't want to go out I was just plain old tired.  So, that's obviously what I need to work on next.  It's hard to get enough sleep because after the kids go to bed is my one time to do things for me.   Especially when hubby's not home.  Gosh, this ballance thing is tough.

To kick my butt a little further on my goal to get more exercise I've signed up for a running class.  Yes, I know, I'm not a runner.  Really not a runner, but I'm seeing this as a grand challenge. (and now that I paid money for it I am sure to stick to it.)  If nothing else I'll have gotten a bit more exercise and will be able to say I've tried it.  Given it a really good shot.  Who knows, I might even enjoy running.  It's possible, right?  I am actually really really looking forward to diving in.

(here is a link to the running class.  It's online so you can do it anywhere, and the registration is open until aprox June 17th.  join me?)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I don't know what this means, but it can't be good.

ok, so this is really funny.  I'm not a frilly kind of girl who doodles hearts all over her notebook pages.  I'm just not, ok! 

But then, thumbing through my photos searching for a certain one for this week's 52photosproject theme...

And I find heart after heart after heart.  Hmmm.....  All taken in the last couple of months.  I'm not sure what this all means, but it can't be good.

1. Found in a neighbourhood I walk through everyday on my way home from work.  There must be someone interesting living there.  Probably the people with the crocheted car.  Maybe as well as the people with the crocheted car.  I love that it says heart and home and that someone just left it there for whoever to see.

2. Daughter's valentines picture.  She used it as the front of her homemade valentines cards for her classmates (we made one and photocopied, there were 50 kids in that class).  The picture is SOOC and we only took two.  I was giddy 'cause I knew we'd nailed it.

3. My newest favourite way to send boiled eggs in lunches.  In heart shapes.  This is ridiculously easy.  tutorial here.

4. Someone left this on my phone for me to find (tilt your head to the right).  See photo 2 above. LOVE.


These are the days I will remember forever.
Days so full they're bursting at the seams with joy.
I never thought I'd be quite so in love as a parent.
Life before seems as shades of grey.

But we didn't know it then.

My heart aches with love for them,
that I get to be the parent to two most amazing people.
To witness their souls at such a close level,
is a rare joy indeed.
Sometimes all you hear is parents complaining
and I want you also to hear about the joy
because in the end there is only joy.

for 52 photos project: Remember