Friday, April 30, 2010

Gigantic Sale!

I was going to post a giveaway for my 100th post but, to be honest, just couldn't get excited about it right now. When the time is right.

I've been itching to stitch! I've been collecting things to upcycle for my next project and it's just killing me to try to get things done so I can start that. Do you ever get so excited about an idea that you can't think about anything else? It's probably a sickness, but some call that passion.

The Alberta Team on etsy is having a gigantic sale starting tonight at midnight. There are 70 stores participating. 70! A list of links is here. I hope you don't buy the necklace I have my eye on!

I'm offering 40% off all hair accessories in my shop, and free shipping on everything else. Garden gloves will be relisted this weekend. I had to take a break on them for a bit to catch up.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Interview with a 5 year old.

SSS: what's it like to be almost 6? Are you excited?
A: ya.
A: and then I want the next question to be do I have a little sister who has book in her hand.
SSS: so?
A: yes.
SSS: Do you like your sister?
A: mmmhmmm.
SSS: what do you like most about having a sister?
A: I like poking her belly button.
SSS: why do you like poking her belly button?
A: because it makes her laugh.

SSS: What's the best thing about being almost 6?
A: my best friend's birthday is close to my birthday and I'm gunna have my birthday soon.
SSS: so are you excited about your friend's birthday?
A: mmmmhmmmm
SSS: Is it all about the cake?
A: no
SSS: Is it all about the presents?
A: no. It's about I'm gunna give A. her presents. and I have my clothes picked out.
SSS: what are you going to wear.
A: I'm gunna wear a dress with a skirt underneath it and a shirt.
SSS: why a skirt under the dress?
A: because I think the dress is a little smaller than the skirt.
SSS: so you can see the skirt out the bottom?
A: yes, and I want my dress to be longer.
A: the end of the story.

SSS: where did you get the idea.
A: because when I tried my dress out it was too small.
A: Now say The End.
SSS: The End


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Interviews and interviews, oh my!

ok, boys and girls, check THIS out! There's little interview over on Gina's blog today.

And I'd like to carry on the tradition (Natalie Chanin interviewed Gina, Gina interviewed me...) and offer to interview someone here, too. Put your name down in the comments by Friday if you'd like to be interviewed and I'll pick someone to feature next week.

Also, My 100th post on this blog is coming up VERY soon (this week or early next) and I've got a little something up my sleeve... so many exciting thigs happening at the same time.

And please do take a gander over at Gina's blog. It's full of inspiration and art and the beautiful penmanship she is known for and who could forget the Alabama Chanin style skirt (my favourite).

(p.s. I just noticed a sale in her shop right also)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mind Over Matter. Get it?

Can I tell you a story?

I started walking a different way home from work recently. There is a pedestrian bridge that goes over the road on my new route and I’ve always hated pedestrian bridges. It’s not rational, my heart beats a little faster and my breath gets panicky so I walk as fast as I can right in the middle so I can get off of them as fast as I can.

One day last week I’m walking on the new pedestrian bridge thinking that after a while this will seem like no big deal. After walking over it a thousand times it’ll be old and familiar and not scary at all. And at that moment the bridge lost all it’s power over me. Just by imagining what it would be like to not be scared, and knowing that it would happen I suddenly wasn’t scared anymore. Amazing, the power of thought.

Now, thinks me, how can one use this kind of thinking to one’s own advantage? Think of a thought pattern you want to change. Imagine as vividly as possible what it will feel like to think in the new way. Believe, no, know that it will happen. Take it for granted that it will happen and go for it.

Friday Links

Every Friday I share something I found interesting I found on the internet that week. Here are this week's links. :

Brilliant. I just love these pavement sheets. I love the social commentary that they provide, plus they're really well done. And some of the profit goes to homeless. Aaahhhh, the intersection of art and sociology - it tugs at my heart.

I found this blog written by homeless people while listening to CBC (via podcast) yesterday. Very interesting to hear a perspective that I'm not as used to seeing.

I'm almost up to my 100th post on this blog so am planning a giveaway. I'm thinking hard about what to give away... any suggestions? I'm very malleable. That's fancy for gullible.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When it Rains, It Pours!

Can I tell you about the craziness that's gone on here lately?

Here's a screenshot of the etsy front page (right now!). Notice something second from the bottom on the right hand column? This comes from a lovely treasury made by the lovely emmamaha who makes wool felt accessories as well.

I was also featured in an etsy finds email (like a daily email newsletter) on gardening and have gotten several orders of custom monogrammed garden gloves from that. I'm being very careful to schedule the work in and let people know when I will be able to ship their order. I don't want to disappoint anyone, and I don't want to feel panicky about getting the work done.

And lastly, things on the home front have been really busy. We painted 1/3 of our house two weekends ago (what a gong show with little kids, let me tell you) and then installed new carpet last weekend. For the carpet we had to move all of the furniture from 3 bedrooms and a tv/playroom out which meant that basically none of the house was inhabitable. I have this vivid picture of my husband and I sitting, one on the stairs, the other on a pillow leaned against a dresser in the hallway checking emails on our laptops, tired after a day's work of organizing and moving things. Phewph. I took the kids to the museum on the second day so they wouldn't be in the middle of the chaos.

When it rains, it pours, I tell you. After all that the day job seems relaxing!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Here is a screen shot from the treasury I mentioned in my last post. Not much new to say about that except it's long been my belief that more recycling and better light bulbs are not what we need to save to world.
I find it's getting tougher and tougher to tell the difference between an need and a want these days. When you're surrounded by a material culture on all sides it's tough to see an alternative.

Friday Finds!

Interesting things from the interweb this week (see below). I'm working on a super-secret project for my daughter today. I do hope she likes it! I do hope I can get it done before Saturday (ya right!). I like to call my lack of planning ahead "living in the moment". What, you're not convinced?

Friday Finds:

You'll want to check out Angie's drawing, Be the Change. I think I might embroider the second line onto something.

I loved this blog post about perspectives on aging. It's a guest post from several different women of different ages talking about fashion, body image and how it changes over time. I'm glad to be out of my 20s, that's all I can say.

Last up this Friday is an inspiring story on how making art heals. I can completely relate as this is how creating makes me feel alive.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


New Treasury Here!
I was thinking about talking with the kids about NEED vs. WANT as I stumbled upon this article earlier this week. I loved that the article had actual activities and suggestions of things to do with your kids on this topic. We'll certainly be printing out the "what do you need?, what do you want?" cards sometime soon.

Monday, April 5, 2010

a list.

Things have been just a wee bit crazy on the homefront recently. We've painted a portion of our house and are waiting for new carpet. I have pictures to show but no time to download them yet. I've stitching to show but no time to take the pictures. How is it that time is not linear? It bunches up and slows down and I can never keep up.

Found this on a blog I like to visit. I am the complete opposite of this person, which is so interesting. I had the hardest time with #16. It's a satisfying list.

If I were a month I’d be April.
If I were a day I’d be Saturday.
If I were a time of day I’d be quiet and still early morning.
If I were a font I’d be bacon font.
If I were a sea animal I’d be a jelly fish.
If I were a direction I’d be West.
If I were a piece of furniture I’d be a comfy leather recliner.
If I were a liquid I’d be water.
If I were a gemstone I’d be amber.
If I were a tree I’d be a brooding pine tree.
If I were a tool I’d be vice grips.
If I were a flower I’d be a pussy willow.
If I were an element of weather I’d be light fog.
If I were a musical instrument I’d be a clarinet.
If I were a color I’d be cranberry.
If I were an emotion I’d be wishfull.
If I were a fruit I’d be a wild strawberry.
If I were a sound I’d be a sigh.
If I were an element I’d be Oxygen.
If I were a car I’d be silver and small and urban.
If I were a food I’d be satisfying.
If I were a place I’d be the space between mountains.
If I were material I’d be repurposed.
If I were a taste I’d be layered.
If I were a scent I’d be subtle.
If I were a body part I’d be a long graceful neck.
If I were a song I’d be acoustic.
If I were a bird I’d be a heron.
If I were a gift I’d be handmade. And late.
If I were a city I’d be miserable.
If I were a door I’d have a window.
If I were a pair of shoes I’d be sandals.
If I were a poem I’d be by shel silverstein.