Friday, October 28, 2011

We've moved

I feel like the first couple of weeks after having a baby - when you think will I ever cook a meal again? How will I manage to do that? I keep moving in the direction of my computer to get to those photos and write a proper blog post, but I never quite make it.  You'll just have to accept my apology for the too-long absence and really bad cell phone pictures.  It's all I can do for right now.

So, yes, We've moved.  It was crazy and hectic and we're still recovering.  I can't wait to be really settled.  I'm such a homebody.  Would you look at that sunset, though, seriously.  Who wouldn't want to just park themselves in front of the window with all that going on outside. (it's much better for real.  In real life there are mountains, but I would need a real camera lens for that) Our new place is pretty amazing.  We wake up every morning and think do I really get to live here?

Case in point, on the 5th day, this little guy was born right outside our window. (It ended sadly, he never was able to stand up on his own.) Epic.

We really do have the best neigh-bours. har har. I'll post more later. 
I can't help but thinking that this is a huge step in a new direction for us and I'm so excited of what is to come.  Truly, life right now is like a summer strawberry that you just took a bite out of, dripping and sweet and so delicious.