Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Doing.

(love this kind of graffiti.  Thank you, whoever you are in Sunnyside)

So, ya, sometimes blogging about life gets superseded by actually living life.

I have been:

::planning gardens, learning about permaculture

::photographing like mad. I have so much to learn, and a fire in my belly. Even when I don’t have a camera in my hand I’m constantly watching light.

::spending as much time as possible with my kids. Kids are little for such a small time, and I want to soak in every moment with them. I’m really smitten with these two.

::making soup. Seriously, the easiest winter meal possible that satisfies everybody(almost) and is super healthy. I don’t even have to think about cooking anymore.

::learning beekeeping. I know! Crazy, right?

::planning. Planning big things, and waiting for the right time. Does this part ever stop?

(found these canoes while wandering around on a break from beekeeping class)

I have NOT been:

::sewing. Hoping (planning) for more time in the future for the rhythm of the needle.

::posting photos anywhere really. Feeling like a pupa in a cocoon.

::participating online as much. To expand in the doing I am spending less time talking about doing. This will come again in time as I do really appreciate the community here.

This is the reality of right now. So much time spent at work and the rest with my kids, and other things snugged in here and there simply because they make my heart sing.