Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Links

Every Friday I share something I found interesting I found on the internet that week. Here are this week's links. :

Brilliant. I just love these pavement sheets. I love the social commentary that they provide, plus they're really well done. And some of the profit goes to homeless. Aaahhhh, the intersection of art and sociology - it tugs at my heart.

I found this blog written by homeless people while listening to CBC (via podcast) yesterday. Very interesting to hear a perspective that I'm not as used to seeing.

I'm almost up to my 100th post on this blog so am planning a giveaway. I'm thinking hard about what to give away... any suggestions? I'm very malleable. That's fancy for gullible.


  1. Yay for CBC radio eh? I'm listening to it now.

  2. I love those sheets! What a cool idea. Hope your house comes back together soon... Home renos are ten times more crazy with little ones!

  3. Hey - not a comment on your post, but your blog and mine. Love your blog...very nice and helpful topics. Thanks for your comment about children sharing a room. It was very helpful! Hope you'll stop by again soon! xo Pure and Noble