Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Interviews and interviews, oh my!

ok, boys and girls, check THIS out! There's little interview over on Gina's blog today.

And I'd like to carry on the tradition (Natalie Chanin interviewed Gina, Gina interviewed me...) and offer to interview someone here, too. Put your name down in the comments by Friday if you'd like to be interviewed and I'll pick someone to feature next week.

Also, My 100th post on this blog is coming up VERY soon (this week or early next) and I've got a little something up my sleeve... so many exciting thigs happening at the same time.

And please do take a gander over at Gina's blog. It's full of inspiration and art and the beautiful penmanship she is known for and who could forget the Alabama Chanin style skirt (my favourite).

(p.s. I just noticed a sale in her shop right also)


  1. Oh my you make some delightful things! I am getting inspired to make some cute things for my new niece.. ok.. I already have but there is SO much more!!

  2. thats a great interview. Looking forward to all you have up your sleeve. By the way. We should do coffee sometime. I need some mamma to mamma TLC!