Saturday, April 24, 2010

Interview with a 5 year old.

SSS: what's it like to be almost 6? Are you excited?
A: ya.
A: and then I want the next question to be do I have a little sister who has book in her hand.
SSS: so?
A: yes.
SSS: Do you like your sister?
A: mmmhmmm.
SSS: what do you like most about having a sister?
A: I like poking her belly button.
SSS: why do you like poking her belly button?
A: because it makes her laugh.

SSS: What's the best thing about being almost 6?
A: my best friend's birthday is close to my birthday and I'm gunna have my birthday soon.
SSS: so are you excited about your friend's birthday?
A: mmmmhmmmm
SSS: Is it all about the cake?
A: no
SSS: Is it all about the presents?
A: no. It's about I'm gunna give A. her presents. and I have my clothes picked out.
SSS: what are you going to wear.
A: I'm gunna wear a dress with a skirt underneath it and a shirt.
SSS: why a skirt under the dress?
A: because I think the dress is a little smaller than the skirt.
SSS: so you can see the skirt out the bottom?
A: yes, and I want my dress to be longer.
A: the end of the story.

SSS: where did you get the idea.
A: because when I tried my dress out it was too small.
A: Now say The End.
SSS: The End