Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Inspired by all sorts of blog posts this January, I picked change as my word of the year for 2011 (I realize I’m really late telling you this – bad blogger). I didn’t realize until later what I had done and how far reaching this word would be.
To go with this word I had three goals, things I wanted to change in a fundamental way.
1. How I manage finances
2. How I approach work
3. Getting some exercise

Without getting into details I will say that I’ve made great strides on the first 2 goals, and still have 9 months to work out a strategy on the third. But that’s not so much what this post is about.


There have been unexpected CHANGEs, too.

I’ve switched my focus from selling handmade items to making art and making things for my family (I talked a bit about that here). That one change has given me so much freedom in my creating because it only has to please one person – me. I think I’ve grown a lot in my art – it’s imbued with more meaning as I experiment to make images that are not only beautiful, but convey meaning as well. It’s a big step.

I have a feeling that the biggest changes this year are still to come. My husband has just accepted a job that requires him to be away from home quite a lot. He’s so excited for the amazing opportunity that it’s contagious. I find it intriguing that I’m not as freaked about this as I think I should be. I used to be the girl who hated change. The girl who fought it, moaned and moped about it before accepting it, grudgingly. This year I am welcoming change, creating it even, and maybe even having some fun with it.

Knock on wood that things don’t get too crazy around here – it’s only March afterall!

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