Monday, June 22, 2009


Well, I guess some introductions are in order.

This is me:

I’m the mother of the sweet silver sisters. They and their father all have locks of white hair which is how they got named the silver sisters.

These two girls could not be any more different. Elder daughter is always kicking her shoes and socks off. We find them in the strangest places. She loves to eat vegetables and rearranging things (read lining them up) She likes to think things over. And over and over again. She plans and talks about her plans at length. After an afternoon in the garden she’s as clean as when she began. And of course, she's five, so her favourite color is pink. She wants to build condos when she grows up.

Younger daughter loves her shoes. Her first word was shoes and she’s always running around looking for her shoes or trying on someone else’s shoes or rearranging the shoes (read dragging them around the house) or putting things in the shoes – you get the idea. She doesn’t sit still for long. She gets antsy before dinner’s even started, and only lasts a short time in a carseat. After an afternoon in the garden (or a particularly good supper) she needs a really good scrub in the tub. She's a year and a half old and likes to spin in circles until she gets so dizzy she falls down. Of course, everyone laughs, so I'm sure that doesn't help.

And this is my hubby who said he had a great weekend even though I failed father’s day by loosing the cards the girls picked out for him and then falling asleep after breakfast so that he had to clean up the messy kitchen. Need I say more?
He was born with a wrench in his hand always has some sort of vehicle torn apart in the garage (swapped engines on the mini-van this weekend). More often than not it’s his jeep which he (responsibly) off-roads with glee.

So, that’s the clan as it were. There are also two shaggy dogs – a young annoying one and an old grumpy one as well as several fish that I get to be the mom of.

And then there’s me. A nomadic obsessive. An artist (I like to think) masquerading as a normal person. I’ve always got some project on the go. This week (year?) it’s embroidering and felting old wool sweaters, and I’m getting ready to sell some goodies. I love researching obscure embroidery stitches on the internet. I have a full-time day job in an office shuffling paper around, so all this is around and in between that. I tend to bounce back and forth between having a vibrant, full life, and needing to simplify and pare down. Until I get obsessed again and work on something else. It's a good life.

I can't spell and I suck at technology (being over 30, afterall). So now you know it all!


  1. AAAAH I love it! such beautiful pics - persistence definitely paid off! The header looks so nice too!