Friday, December 10, 2010

Eyes Wide Open - Now I Get It

I recently walked through a part of the city that I'd never before been to before. I was stewing on something so the walk was good. I realized how much you notice everything when you're in a new place. You see every detail because you take nothing for granted. And I got to thinking that there's probably lots to notice in the places I go and the things I do everyday. I think bloggers have been trying to tell me this for years but I'm just now getting it. I thought they were being blindly by optomistic when commenting about how beautiful the snow is when it's -30 outside, or how a tragedy can bring out the best in people. But no, they're just fully seeing what's actually there, and carefully choosing which parts to point out. I still don't agree with censoring your blog to only show the polished perfect picture, but I wonder if they don't all do it on purpose.

The picture above is NOT from my walk to unfamiliar places. Truth be told I had taken a wrong turn was embarasingly late for lunch. My coworkers all applauded when I finally got there. It was so sad. I even had a (working) GPS with me. I'm not kidding.

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