Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Grandmother

My grandmother is Summer.

She is raspberries and Chicadees

And hardy ‘Explorer’ roses.

She is in the wind and the sun and the smell of dirt,

Sitting on the front porch.

My grandmother is rows of potatoes, and sweet peas,

She is pansies, blueberries, leather moccasins,

Oil paintings.

I see her when I put the camera up to my eye,

When I work with my hands.

When I sit and look out

Over the untamed woolly prairie grass.

My Grandmother is summer.

(Liz got me thinking about this.  Her grandmother is spring.  Thanks, Liz.)


  1. My Grandfather is Autumn. Fitting, since his birthday is October 31st.

    I think grandparents are magical, which is why our hearts ache for them so.

  2. Love this. Thank-you for sharing. I miss my Grandmother more than I can express.


  3. This is lovely! My Grandmother is such an inspiration in my life.