Monday, July 6, 2009

vacation round-up

OK, we're back from camping!

I managed to finish this shirt for eldest daughter, optimistically thinking the weather would be good enough to need sleeveless. Needless to say she found creative ways of wearing it since it is pink and she is 5 and it is now her new favourite.

Here is a little better close-up. I embroidered the flower garden as well as a pink daisy chain where the ruffle is.

I am trying to make up for the fact that I didn't get any good clear close-ups by showing more action shots than you really want to see. Getting a good close up would mean the model standing still for a moment, or, the unthinkable, actually removing the shirt. Those of you who have experience with 5 year olds will know what I mean. I was treated to a lovely dance performance featuring a plastic flower and lots of "mom, did you see that?"

And, of course, a bow at the end.

On the second day I laboured over a project that I can't tell you about because it might spoil a gifty surprise.

On the third day we had this for supper:
Only cooked. And steak (from a local well-treated cow). It was a good day.
It's my grama's recipe. Only, she had a magical way of being able to slice a potato thinly and evenly and she used more onions. Spices are plain old salt and pepper. Fold it all up in tinfoil and bake.

Here's a close-up because I love close-ups. Grama would have put a whole slice of onion between the potato slices, and a whole lot more pepper from what I remember. the onion gets all soft and carmelly roasted. Yum.
On the fourth day we made the hour long trek to town for espresso at our new favourite coffee shop. I kicked myself very hard several times for forgetting the camera as we ended up in the Coleman Museum which is jam packed full of frontier time history. Eldest daughter and I stood for a long time admiring a collection of wedding dresses (with corresponding actual portraits) from decades past. She humored me when I pointed out the photography, and looked at different types of coal. Youngest daughter didn't understand why she couldn't play with all the dolls she found behind glass. She kept trying to grab them through the glass repeating "baby". Hubby found old machinery and war stuff - really, there was something for everyone. I'd definitely recommend it if you ever find yourself in the Crowsnest Pass area.

And on day 5 we ended up back home, cleaned up, washed clothes and got ready to get back to real life.

I thought it would be funny to post a link to hubby's write-up and pictures from the weekend but alas, it's not in a public place. It would feature lots of jeeps getting unstuck and fixed, and, oddly enough, less food and art talk.

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