Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Turning Points.

First Snow this weekend.
It’s officially winter.
Rainee and I harvested the final bits of swiss chard, mint and spices from the garden as heavy, dark, cold clouds loomed and snow began to fall. Rainee always helps in the garden, she loves being outside and seems most at home in the garden.

I can feel the internal switch from fresh raw vegies and barbecue to warming stews and things roasted in the oven. I can start to feel the pull of Christmas and long for the luxury of time for projects in January, February and March, before spring comes and we switch over to summer mode again. If I was organized I would put the summer shirts and kid’s shorts away instead of just into the laundry bin again. But I’m not. Maybe next weekend.

Instead, I’m making pictures of peacocks with the neighbourhood kids (Did you know they have ugly feet? Me neither. They focus on the bounties in life rather than their shortfalls.)

I’m dreaming up projects – quilts, at least one hat (for me, turns out everyone else is covered but not me.) and baby booties. Several several pairs of baby booties (my almost 2 year old is still a baby, right? Can I keep her close for just a little bit longer?).

Seems appropriate to have a harvest sale in the store as I pull in the last little bits of life from my garden. Take a gander, there are lots great handmade goodies made close to home and only a couple of days left on the sale. I’ve got an eye on a couple for Christmas gifts already. Not telling what.


  1. hey! is that a painting in the top pic??? I know what you mean about winter - I am trying to get into it too! We bought lots of "fairy lights" - christmas lights - and I put them all over the house. Somehow if the lighting is good, it makes the dark, dreary days feel so romantic!

  2. The top pic is a bbit of a collage that my daughter made. I outlined a peacock and she was to glue the colored paper on. There were lots of kids and she got distracted and only did a bit of work on it. These group classes are really hard for her - she is watching the other kids and there is a lot of energy in the room - she just can't concentrate well. It pushes her a bit.