Monday, July 26, 2010

On Water. And how to get more of it into you.

We’ve been struggling with water in our house this year. Our older daughter has a medical condition and meds which require her to drink a lot of water.

Her specialist is a very different sort of doctor. I like him. At our April appointment he brought out a spreadsheet and detailed how we could increase her water intake a little at a time at specific times during the day to eventually get us to where she needs to be. I get spreadsheets, and this made a lot of sense to me.

But I am really really random and following a specific, timed, numbered consistent plan like that was doomed before it began. Oh, we gave it good effort, but fell off the boat in a couple of weeks. Fast forward to last week’s appointment and I realized we need to take a radically different approach and be serious about this.

And that is how the race began. A. and I are in a race to see who can drink more water in a day. To make it fair we somewhat arbitrarily decided on a 2:1 ratio – as in 1oz of her water = 2oz of my water. The logic is that I am at least twice as big as her. I should mention that it’s not just water that counts – juice, popsicles, soup, jello, freezies, snow cones, lemonade, iced tea, anything wet other than milk is fair game (and we’re looking for new ideas here – please comment if you have any suggestions.).

We’ve got bar graphs and everything.

Hers on the left, mine on the right. Notice how my bars are twice as fat? That’s the 2:1 ratio. We just have to compare the height of our bar graphs to tell who is winning.

She totally creamed me yesterday. We’re 4 days in and she’s already only a couple of ounces away from her daily goal. Now, doubling your water intake in 4 days is definitely not recommended, but it shows that this method is really working. Hopefully it is sustainable. We’ll have to figure out how to make it sustainable. And how to make it work when school resumes in (eek) 5 weeks.

Now I have to tell you that it all falls apart on the weekends. Remember that random part? Ya, the kid needs set meal times and routines to get her body back into a normal rhythm. I am totally lost on how to do this on the weekends. I could do a whole post on weekends because I can’t decide if we’re severely dysfunctional on the weekends or maybe that’s the only sane part of the week.

Well, I’m off to fill the water bottle again and head to the bathroom for the 4th time this morning! Please comment if you have anything to say, I'd love to hear your experiences, ideas, wisdom.


  1. Totally off topic..but I love your photography skills:) so cool how your photos are so light an airy and have that depth. I'm drawn to that kind of photography.
    And I should drink more water. Sometimes I'm running about the day that I forget to stop and just have a glass of water..very bad, I know. Thank you for reminding us to do that, though:)

  2. good luck with your water project, in the total opposite of your situation my daughter is trying tio get ME to drink more water! Apparently 10 gallons of coffee a day don't count! I hope your little girl is o.k. though?

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's health problems. We make very weak lemonade (with a marichino cherry on a plastic sword) for our 7 year old to get her to drink more water. I don't know if your daughter can have the small amount of sugar, though. You could always "play restaurant" with fancy water glasses, cocktail napkins, and lemon wedges on the rim.

    HydraCoach has "intelligent" water bottles that track with a little screen. It might be fun someday.

    I really hope you got your embroidery floss. It's been eating me alive.