Monday, November 22, 2010

what's she up to now??

Here's a new project to show you. I needed something for a gift this weekend so thought I'd whip up a shirt. I took 2 shirts that no longer worked by themselves - one was overdyed grey (ick!) and the other had a super wide neck and a couple of tiny holes. I painted the greyish tank and cut the red shirt up to sew on top.

Of course, you can't just "whip up" a shirt that calls for painting and drying, construction and embellishing, all done by hand so I am cheating here and only showing you the front side which is finished! Soon enough the whole thing will be finished and whisked away on a jet plane on a tropical vacation.

Obligatory artsy photo of the stitching. Love stitching.


  1. that is so beautiful! I love it!

  2. oh thats so cute. I like what you did with the neck to make it a tank. you should see the reverse applique rabbit I put on my green dress. its super awesome. all inspired by you!