Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I am:

(Photo of light.  The best part of summer, imo.  
So much light to photograph in this northern hemisphere.  
Totally off topic. grin. for 52photos.)

My word of the year is change.  It sounded good the time.  change.

Change means being vulnerable.  And I am feeling wide, wide open.  Like a hermit crab without a shell.

I keep hearing messages about taking giant leaps into the unknown and following your dreams.  Facing your fears head on, blah blah.

But I can't help wonder how you know if the grass is really greener on the other side.  How do you know if you want the change because everything sounds better than whatever it is you're doing right now?  I'm really sincere in this question.  If you have any thoughts, please share in the comments.  I am thinking of taking a giant leap but how do you know if it's really as great as imagined?


  1. Hey G. I think the beauty (and the really scary) part about leaping is that you don't know what's on the other side. Your love & belief in what your passion is will carry you through.
    Weigh out the pros & cons. Imagine yourself already there. Could you see yourself being ok if it doesn't work out? -Some food for thought.
    (Beautiful photo!!)

  2. Bella said it perfectly.
    I think you have to decide if you're happy staying where you are. If not then any change can be a good thing. The unknown can be scary, but if it means a chance to be happier then it's worth it! Also- having a backup plan in case the grass isn't really greener is a good idea.

  3. Such a thoughtful look to accompany a thought-provoking question!

    I have been uncomfortable with all the seeming dissatisfaction generated by Live You Dream Now material out there. Don't get me wrong - I think the empowerment, the support, the encouragement to ask questions, look deep into your heart and LIVE the life you want to be living is a HUGE gift of all that is out there right now. But I catch myself questioning myself and my life, comparing it to others and finding myself lacking. I do think there are times when we are living on auto pilot and need to make a change; I also think many (myself) get caught in constantly seeking/striving as if that hill over there, There I will be happy, that there has to be something more . I have to find happiness/contentment/joy where I am right now and then any leaping I may do comes from a desire to embrace more, rather than resisting/denying what my life is.

    okay, sorry for the long ramble that may be incoherent ...

    I guess the brief version is: are you leaping to embrace something new? Or to get away from something?

    Sigh ... now my head IS spinning! Thanks for opening this question up. xo Lis

  4. Think of it this way. Life is an upward spiral. You dream dreams and take steps to achieve them. And when you're there, you may find your dreams have changed. . . but it's all part of the same path.

  5. If your best friend came to you with this question what advice would you offer? And what questions would you ask her? (Lis' question above about leaping to embrace or getting away is a great place to start imho).