Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I guess it wasn’t meant to be. 2 days after we listed our house we put in an offer for the house we wanted. We ended up in a competing offer situation and they choose the offer with no conditions. Go Figure. So our house is still on the market because we just couldn’t bear to take it down yet. We’ll see what happens, maybe something will come up and our house will sell at the same time. I hear that happens from time to time.

We spent the long weekend in Golden BC which was just what we needed. Time away from the house, and doing things we enjoy.
I finally got out the camera and took pictures of several more things to list in my store. The first one has just been listed:

I made him quite a while ago and thought he might have some fun out at Halloween. I have one more monster to list and some other, more grown-up fall things. It looks like I can do one per lunch hour so it might take a couple of weeks to list them all.

I also bought some vintage books that I'd love to share a little of with you sometime. I could have spent all afternoon in that store snooping around at all the useful things like jello molds and vintage wedding dresses.



p.s. just for fun since you read down this far:

Someone had a little fun in the costume box this afternoon (I'll probably regret this later). I told you he was Really Scary, didn't I?


  1. sorry to hear about the house... hopefully something better will come along!
    PS You're name for your monster barrette... made me seriously laugh out loud, for reals.

  2. Awww... thanks, sis! He's such a silly monster, I couldn't help it.

    I'm not very hopeful that a house will come along. My husband (you've met him, right?) is very picky, so suitable houses only come along a couple of times a year. Yes, I'm blaming it all on him. ;)

  3. aww. sorry too. I know energy can all get like a whirl wind around a certain idea, and though, when its not meant to be, it feels like a loss, perhaps it isnt. You;ve accomplished so much because of it!!!
    hearts! Angie