Monday, January 11, 2010

On turning 2.

We celebrated a certain little someone's 2nd birthday just before Christmas, and I've got pictures to prove it!

2 is such a lovely age. 2 is about becoming a little kid and leaving babyhood behind. 2 is about figuring out how to stand your ground and make your older sister share, 2 is about getting better at telling other people what you want, and getting it, darn it! 2 is about giving - wet uncoordinated kisses, unending treats to doggies, and stickers and cookies to whoever will take them. And the favourite sidekick when you're 2:


Here's the crown I promised to show you. Handmade out of felted wool sweaters, of course (is there any other material?) I thought leaves appropriate since this little one loves to spend every minute she can get out of doors. She is my biggest garden helper, and I love that about her.

Of course they got a little bit silly at the party and dolled it all up. Never too many accessories, right? I love this picture. I can just imagine what she'll look like grown up when I look at this picture. I can see her graduating high school when I look at this picture. ok, maybe minus the extra silly hats.

Ahhhh... 2. I love you 2. I want to cup you in my hands and keep you forever.

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