Monday, February 1, 2010

As Promised...

I promised Angie I'd post pictures of the treasuries instead of just links so here are screen shots of the last two. The first one was pretty silly, and oops, it looks like my screen shot has the alternates as well...

And this second one is really about feeling connected with the earth. Which I realized I'd been missing about winter. It's interesting how many comments I got about this from people who love winter. I'm not saying I hate the winter, I just miss digging in the dirt.

And if anyone's still with me, I managed to snare one more treasury today. It's here. Pure Luck. I got back to my desk at lunchtime and the treasury opened. This never happens. Yes, I am an addict. Curating treasuries is an exercise in seeing, matching up colors and textures, themes and ideas. It appeals to the arty gene in me.

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