Tuesday, February 9, 2010

keeping it real...

It’s been a tough week on the homefront this week. Our weekend disintegrated in front of our eyes and all I could do was watch. Our only goal on Saturday was a simple project to make 18 valentines for dd’s kindergarten class. The project was simple, I swear. But the day was a flop. Completely. It just split open at the seams and came apart all over itself. A big gooey mess of a day. I don’t have a plan for valentines day at kindergarten now, but we’ll have to come up with something (by Friday).
Update: this post was written yesterday. Last night we got busy on the invitations. I made them. DD wrote the names of her classmates in them. We omitted the glitter and fun decorating parts of the plan. For now. What's important here: that she have valentines for her class, not that she make them herself. I'd love to live a fairytale life where everything works out spectacularly and according to plan, but what fun would that be? right? RIGHT?! Now, anyone have tips for getting permanent marker off of wooden diningroom table tops?

And I was testing out a theory that I can’t eat spelt anymore – or maybe it is potatoes… I’m not sure. Either is not something I’m looking forward to. Anyone with food intolerances knows what the process of figuring this out means, and that it is no fun.

I could have cried this morning, talking to a very nice lady at the specialist’s office. They had finally gotten back to me to say that they had no idea who I was and that they hadn’t received the referral from dd’s pediatrician. That pediatrician had sent it on August 11th – 6 months ago – and told me that it would take a long time to get in so I didn’t follow up right away. Big mistake.
And then she continued to tell me that usually they follow up within a week. A week. I felt sick to my stomach. We could have been in to see the specialist in (gulp) September. Yes, September.
Edited to Add: This wouldn't be so bad if it were the first time it had happened, but the first time we were referred to a specialist we were referred to the wrong kind of doctor who then refused to return my calls.... Yes, it sometimes takes me a couple tries to learn a lesson...

But on to the positives (you have to end with the positives):
1. we have a specialist appointment for DD1 and it sounds like the right kind of doctor. (ie. If anyone (in the medical system) can help, it should be this guy.) We’re finally getting somewhere with this.
2. I have Friday off and big plans to spend it in kindergarten. And then supper out with good friends and family.
3. lots of fun weekend plans including a 1 yr old birthday party and a whole day to spend with my sister.

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  1. Sorry to hear that Saturday wasn't a good day! Working on those pesky valentines cards around here too... so much fun :( Good luck on Friday in class!