Thursday, May 20, 2010

25 Things to do this summer:

1. nature scavenger hunt

2. what to eat while camping

3. weave a rug

4. zoo journal. or maybe camping journal. or roadtrip journal. or nature journal.

5. coloring pages and fairy puppets to make.

6. draw something.

7. draw together.

8. finish someone else's drawing.

9. doodle pad.

10. read books.

11. make books.

12. counting the house - wouldn't this be fun with outside stiff - count squirrels, flowers, logs, bugs, wheels...

13. make bannock

14. creating zoo maps. why stop at zoos? How about a campsite map?

15. go for a picnic

16. coloring mandalas

17. conduct a pond study

18. finger knitting. I remember spending hours and hours on this as a kid. "Dad, what's your favourite color" must have seemed like a suspicious question.

19. say you're at the beach... sandcasting

20. learn all the words to Red Grammar's the ABC's of you.

21. leaf printing on fabric.

22. visit small-town museums and coffee shops. Like this one.

23. Make sun tea

24. make butter with children. it's magic.

25. nap in the sun.


  1. So many great ideas!!! I like the bannock and the rug the best... though we'll be camping too - lots of great things to do!

  2. thats a great list! so many good ideas... we better get on it!

  3. What a great list!!! I'm going to try geocaching with the boys this summer.

  4. Inspiring list!
    Weaving a rug! I am very curious on how you will do that as I am thinking about doing that too. But I don't have any special materials to do it.

    Finish someone else's drawing THAT sounds interesting. I always wondered what someone would do with my drawings. Maybe someone else will make me look differently.

    Printing on fabric, making butter -wow- you will have a great summer!
    Somehow I have the idea that this time we waited for summer too long, I am so much into an old fashioned summer!

  5. Mirthe! Instructions for making a rig are right there is you click on the link. I was so happy to find doable instructions. I've always wanted to make a rug for some reason.

    I must clarify that I don't think anyone (especially us) should try all this stuff in one summer! I usually try to do too much and then just get frusterated (and then blog about it)!