Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Links.

I have two fantastic links to share with you today, and one of them’s not even a link. I feel like I’m cheating but it really is worth sharing.

Link #1: Fear.less magazine. Read the story about the bus crash that almost killed the photojournalist. What I loved about this: People thinking about what’s happening is a really to-the-core kind of way.

Link #2: Look up iTunes U Advertising / Design podcast out of the Walker art center. Go through iTunes, it should be really easy to find.
I just discovered iTunes U and am so excited to devower and entire education via podcast. Nerd? Yes. Reminds me of when I took Sociological Theory for fun. And then picked up a second major. Ahem.
Anyway… oh, yes… hour long video lectures from some really smart graphic designers (so far I’ve devoured Ed Fella and Stefan Bucher. Figuratively.). Graphic design lectures are really interesting mainly due to all the pictures. What else would you expect? Like the Project Management class I took. It started and ended exactly on time and was exceptionally well organized. Just what you would expect.
What was I saying?... oh yes… smart, entertaining - who knew artsy fartsy people had so much to say. About what’s going on in the world, not just art. Stefan Bucher, in particular, made some really good points about greed, authenticity, work, searching and values.
I think I’m about to fill up my hard drive with podcasts again.

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  1. oh. did you mean design/architecture? because I checked it and that site looks cool. I have been listening to podcasts here in the morning with the kids - actually baha'i ones, and its totally great way to get going in the morning. I am excited to check this out too. Thanks for the link...and for coffee last night. Sorry if I talked your guys' ears off. I do that when they let me out at night.... :)