Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Work in Progress or Hockey Mom

I realized that I've done a couple of projects and not shown you pictures.  This one is a work in progress that I've been working on while my oldest daughter takes skating lessons.  It's a shirt for the little one.  I'm not loving the randomness of the design but I'm working with what I started.  Do you ever have second thoughts after starting a project?
I just love the handmade ribbon that I found (here).  It makes the shirt.  You'll have to take my word for it as it's hard to see much in this photo from my iPhone.  I don't know why it turned out all grainy - I've obviously got some learning to do on that.  My thinking is that a grainy photo is better than no photo which is what you'd have if I waited to download pictures off of the real camera.  Good thing for the iPhone, I just don't get to the real computer at home very often anymore.  I think this is ok, as it means I'm playing with the kids or creating something in the kitchen instead, and doing internet on the bus.


  1. Darling, gisele.
    And I do have frequent second thoughts. Lately have been thinking about spontaneity in art -- I tend to be a planner, but go with the flow as the project progresses. (I'm very proud of myself for learning to enjoy the process!) Yesterday I spent the morning working with my textile mentor on spontaneous collages and it was so NOT ME. Which made me it "settling" for me to say I want to use spontaneity in my art sparingly?! Is that my own vision, my own talents, or am I just resisting growth? (Please tell me the answer, and be specific. Ha ha.)
    Also just waiting till verizon gets their hands on the iphone, a week from today! Do you have the hipstamatic app? You could have grainy RETRO looking photos!

  2. Gina-
    Here's what I think. If you are normally a planner it is a good exercise to work spontaneously for a while. Let it inform your work a little, learn from it and then do what you want. Which for you will probably mean going back to planning ahead, but maybe in a more free way?
    I am really not a planner but am trying to be less impulsive - oh, I could write a whole post on that!

    I do have Hipstamatic but am not yet a fan. I like to have more control! Usually I edit with Photoshop for the iphone but sometimes it turns really grainy - like in this photo. Not sure what exactly I am doing that makes it grainy. I do use Camerabag quite a bit, and am intrigued by instagram. That will be my next one to download (at home on the wifi, I'm out of cell data MB for the month). I've never had a cameraphone before, and am discovering how nice it is to have a camera with you wherever you go. I've always got my eyes open.