Thursday, February 10, 2011

About Possibilities

I dreamt the assignment was to take pictures of green things.  I had quite the collection of blurry abstract images - the stripe on a mitten, part of a toothbrush, part of my iris.  I woke with a start with iphone in hand ready to shoot.  Sleepwalking again.

I'm about to start Vivienne McMaster's self-portrait photography class (here, I think there's still a space or two left), and I'm just a little bit excited (obsessed).

I'm interested in taking photos (and making art) that tell a story.  I can make a pretty picture but I want to make something that conveys something more.
(I recently found this book - have not bought it but it's on this very subject.)

I'm not cute or precious. But it would be easy to take that picture.
I'm worried I'll look and not find anything beautiful.  Quirky, maybe, but beautiful?
I'm worried that in the pursuit of beauty I'll completely miss the point. That I'll end up with a bunch of pretty but shallow pictures.

But most of all I'm just excited.  I'm excited about getting out the camera and making something. 
I'm excited about possibilities.


  1. Happy to meet you...this project will be fun, revealing and empowering!

  2. I like that photo a lot! Something about the colours... <3