Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The first photo prompt is up at 52 Photos Project, a new community for photographers.  Nourish.
This photo was taken when I was sick and at work earlier this year.  
Hot lemon is always my drink when I've got a cold.  Equal parts lemon juice and honey.  Mix with hot or cold water depending on the season and your mood.  I try to keep a jar of the concentrate in the fridge at all times.


  1. such a comforting cup of nourishment!

  2. A natural & healthy way to heal a cold.
    :) Thanks for your support & for participating in Week 1.

  3. I am always comforted by hot water and lemon when I am sick also. nice pic.

  4. Love the mixture of yellows and blues in your photograph. I too think that often the simple remedies are the best to nourish us. Can't wait to see more of your work on Bella's website x