Friday, August 14, 2009

The one with all the pictures...

Anyone mind if I indulge in a good old vacation slide show? No, ok, good, here are some highlights from our mini trip to Saskatoon last weekend.

We started the weekend off right with one of Eldest Daughter's fav. breakfasts. Really, how much sugar can this many colored sprinkles actually have anyway?? (anyone who knows me in real life is laughing right now about the sprinkles and wondering where I hid the healthy stuff.)

A good old fashioned tire swing! I haven't seen one of these in years!! You can see on our faces how much fun this was! Especially with a strong, tireless guy to keep pushing you...

And a picture of the Lovely Aunt Rox, our host and reason for driving all the way to Saskatoon (it's about 7 hours not including stops).
Not sure why Rainee just wouldn't smile that day... she looks pleased, or maybe tired?? She'll steal your soul with those peircing eyes...

And the lovely Miss.Rainee again modelling a new barrette I made on the trip (look, fall colors!). I was actually just adjusting the camera settings with this pic but decided I kinda like it, messy hair and all.

And Auntie Roxy modeled another new clip for me. I would have loved to have her model more but there just wasn't time for everything and we thought playing on the tire swing was more important...

So, that's it, a little random but I don't drag my camera around to document every little thing like I used to. Trust me, it's much more enjoyable this way. I do wish I'd gotten a picture of the kitty, though, especially when he hissed in Roxy's face - oh what a look he got then!


  1. looks like a great trip. the clips are looking so good, but dont you get sick on the tire swing?????

  2. Awesome pictures! I especially like the one on the swing... whoever took that is a fabulous photographer! And your models- beautiful! ;)

  3. Awww... you guys are all so sweet!!

    Angie - You would not believe how much fun that tire swing was.... way more fun than when I was a kid, though, you're right, I was feeling my age by the end.

    Rox - Ya, great photographer specially considering the camera...
    You are so photogenic, it's unfair!

  4. I don't think I am photogenic... you always take awesome pictures! And that one on the tire swing- you guys look so happy. Cute.