Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shop Local!

All right, I'm back!
Afternoon matinees, family swim time, breakfasts out with friends, farmers' markets and a trip to Saskatoon for a little visit with my sister .... Ahhh... where did the week go?!

First off there's a great bunch of etsy sellers from Alberta that I'm glad to be a part of. I was featured on the team blog this weekend (while I was away LOL). See the feature here.
And that got me thinking about shopping local. You see, i think it's a trend worth watching, just look at slow foods.

I realized sometime ago that I'm not all that original. In fact, most things I do area already being done by others, I just discover them for myself around the same time as everyone else (or later). One only has to look at the baby boomers to see what I mean. So, we've been careful with spending at my house lately, as have many others I've talked to. But I'm already thinking about Christmas - what am I going to get everybody? So, spending will open up a little soon. And with everyone thinking about saving the earth (groan) it's going to be a less "manufactured-far-away" kind of a Christmas. Well thought-out gifts with Meaning are "in". At least that's what I think, and we've already established that I'm just following everybody else...

So, my idea is this: what if we all put out adds - or maybe talk to our friendly local reporters - that say:

Shop Local!
to find local handmade gifts
go to etsy.com
and search for
click on Shop Local
and enter your location.

wooden letters: Bouncing off the Walls baby carrier: Loopdiloops eden necklace: Wild Rose Jewels

plaid baby shoes: Little Jumping Beans cherry blossoms vinyl wall decal: FiggyandWink

It's that easy.

Just an idea.

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