Sunday, March 14, 2010

TAST - Knotted Loop Stitch

Here are my samples for TAST week 2 - knotted loop stitch. See here for more details on the challenge and how to do this stitch.

(above) Of course, I tried a circle, spiral, whipped, laced, varying the size and placement of the stitches, and combining it with other stitches. I was most pleased with the knots I was able to create (below) by working the stitch singly and very tiny. The darker green knots are french knots show to demonstrate how much smaller and closer to the fabric these ones are.
I must say I am smitten.
Most of my work is done on things that are worn and washed, and I think these little knots will stand up to that kind of wear much better than french knots. If anyone knows the name for them please leave a comment. I'm sure it's been invented before but I couldn't find it on my stitch book.

I like to make things more complicated (so says my husband anyway!) so I made this picture below out of knotted loop stitches. There are a couple of straight stitches thrown on for good measure as I felt I needed more density of color after the knotted loop stitches were in place.

I've always lived near the mountains, and I have such a nostalgic affection for them. I look up at them every day and think how amazing this world is.

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