Wednesday, May 4, 2011


2 weeks ago it rained and then snowed and then froze.  I started out at 6 am as usual, drove up the hill, and then back down it and went back to bed.  It's not worth going to work on days like that.  On the way home I had the fortune of following the snowplow, and here's what I saw out my windshield.  Yellow and Red, Snowplow Ahead. The yellow streak?  That's the reflection of the lights in the ice that coated the entire road.  That's what you look for to see how slippery the road really is. 

I took this photo with my iPhone as proof of how bad the roads really were.  It's the photo I thought of when I saw 52 photo project's prompt for the week: color.  I love all the bright primaries.


  1. This photo looks so dreamy because of the blurs & the glares. I love it. What I do not love is all that snow & ice you have to drive through. Oy!
    Thanks G, for playing along this week and for your support! xo

  2. Yikes -- looks positively treacherous!

  3. Such a range of emotions! First I was taken in by the pops of color, then reading your words I panicked thinking it was going to be the lights of an accident and then relieved to know you were following a plow (maybe that is not such a good thing?)

    Yikes ... treacherous indeed. I would be chanting my mantra loudly if I was in your car ... I am a total winter wimp!

    (love the shots of your angels in your banner)
    xo Lis