Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This weekend was Victoria Day Long weekend in Canada, and for us, as many, it was the first camping weekend of the year. We were all loaded in the truck and ready to go when it was discovered.

A massive leak in out trailer roof.  What you are looking at here is the insulation held up by vapor barrier (plastic) after the soggy roof panels were removed.  We've poked a big hole in the plastic and water is running out into the bucket.  See how it is bowing? Water. Lots.

Does my husband look not impressed?  He's a mechanic and used to fixing broken things and I admire him for not freaking right out.  We took it in stride, really (I followed his cue as I'm normally the one to react, um.... strongly). He didn't seem annoyed even, just got down to the work of fixing it. 

We ended up removing a good portion of the roof and rebuilding it.  Renovating, as it were.  What a mess.  I ran around the disaster scene with my camera.  That part was fun, at least.

But don't worry, there was plenty of time for this:

and this:
We worked out butts off and still managed to get out to the mountains for a couple of days camping.  And it was pretty darn awesome to hang out with these guys for a couple of solid days.

(Water is the theme for 52photosproject this week.  Go check out more photographs on the theme)


  1. Yes.. water can be beautiful, deadly, or a plain old annoyance.
    At least the kids got to splash in the puddles!

  2. Lovely trip with the family cut short by water. Ugh! At least the kids had fun.

  3. the facial expressions here are priceless! I SO know that look on your husband's face ... and the upside down glasses on your girl ... so much fun!~

    xo lis