Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On Creativity.

I am an artist.
I am not prolific (right now).
But I am always an artist.

I have seen this pattern before.
I get excited.
I create.

Something happens.
A glitch.
My camera breaks
or I get sick
or computers are silly.
(aren’t they always silly?)

And I stop.
Temporarily turns into a long time.
Because Life keeps going.
And the excitement is gone.

Until that spark hits me again.
(because it always does eventually)
And I delve into creating.
Something new.
Something completely new.

This time I am pushing through.
I am not stopping.
I don’t want to start over again every time.

Because this is what you do
when you really love something.

This is what I think it means
to be a Serious Artist.

1 comment:

  1. :) I love that you are finding a way to push through your rough patch. Sometimes it's difficult - but even one line drawn or one click of the shutter is enough to get you feeling more "there".
    Lot's of love to you. ~Bella