Sunday, November 22, 2009

blog swap - Doe Studio

I was so excited to get this package in the mail the other day! It's from Dawn at Doe Studio, an etsy artist from Keswick, Ontario. We swapped, so I like to think she was ripping the wrapping at the same time I was.

Here's the package as I'm about to rip all the packaging off! I tell you, I like gifts as much as anyone, and it was hard to stop and take a picture first.

Dawn's store features beautiful crocheted scarves, hats and blankets as well as tile pendants and original photography. This scarf is what she sent me. I had to put it on right away - for pictures, you know...

It's a long tendrilly thing, and anyone who knows me well knows it suits me perfectly. In fact I am wearing it at the office today as I type this... with the same outfit even.
It's soft and perfect, and I love it.

I had the opportunity to ask Dawn a couple of questions, and here's what she had to say:
A bit about yourself : I am a wife and mother of one very busy 4 year old boy. I am an Office Administrator by day and fiber addict by night! I love to crochet, take pictures and basically keep my hands busy with all kinds of crafts! More personally, I recently finished chemotherapy to treat a pregnancy related cancer called GTD and have been cancer free since June (yaaay). I am currently training to participate in my first half marathon in Toronto in May 2010. I enjoy being active and love mountain biking with my hubby!
( I read about the cancer on her blog, and can't imagine what that must be like to go through. Good for you for pulling through, Dawn)
What you get most out of having your own business: I love meeting new people, some of whom are customers, others are mentors and even more are fellow artisans. It’s such a wonderful community to be a part of. I love when a customer receives my items and is genuinely impressed and loves it! I really get a kick out of it!
(I answered this question almost identically, I just realized. I think Auntie Dawn and I would get along well in real life.)
re: Inspiration: When I crochet, I am inspired by the fiber that I am working with. I imagine someone actually wearing the piece or sitting by the fire wrapped up in it! And when it comes to taking photography, well I just go outside and let Mother Nature do the talking!
Really it all began when I was a kid. Seeing my grandmother with the knitting needles and crochet hooks were awe inspiring. Seeing what she could do with them and what she could create was even cooler! My Mom also crocheted and taught me when I was about 10. I loved the feeling of making something with my hands, something tangible from tangled bits of yarn. It was freeing!!
Is it craft or art? For me, this is art. I create something from a strand of yarn and turn it into a fashion statement or a warm blanket to snuggle your new baby with. It's not just something that you cut and paste together. It's something that I pour my heart into.
Dawn has a giveaway going on on her blog right now! You could win a scarf, a necklace and glass tile pendant or an 8x10 print - yes, 3 chances to win.
She is also currently planning a Christmas Open House in early December - I wonder how much a plane ticket would be....

Thank you, Auntie Dawn for the lovely gift! I am very much appreciating it. I hope you will all check out Dawn's beautiful store. It's the people like this that make shopping handmade so worth it.


  1. Gisele! Thanks so much for such a wonderful post!!! It has been so much fun. It was great swapping fun things with you and also getting to know you as well!!
    All the Best,

  2. Thanks, Pattie! It was a fun swap to do.