Sunday, November 29, 2009

The post with everything in it.

This is what I've been up to lately:

:: Picture take by Ailsa (5)
See the green line? (you might not if it's small) That's why I have the new camera in my hands. I realized I've been dealing with that problem for over a year now. That means editing just about every picture I take. Time for a change.
And I think Ailsa is ready for a real camera of her own - a lighter one than my old one, though!

:: Home news
1. Superglue fixes cuts. But it's not pretty, and blood always makes a story more dramatic. Even when it's not really. And I realize once again how calm my kids are compared to other kids. She took it all in stride and was more annoyed about having to wait at the walk-in clinic than anything.
2. I love walking. So when the bus got stuck I was sure happy to be on foot. 18 blocks in crisp weather is just where I wanted to be. Funny story, though, we ended up eating out in the city and mom ended up at our house with the kids because we were all stuck in different places because of weather.
3. Getting up early means you get to see the amazing colour combinations mother nature comes up with. Orange and blue and pink and yellow today. Magnificent. Perk #2 is getting some thinking time in while it's really quiet in the house. Precious.

:: Store News
You already know about the sale going on right now in my store. I just added a free gift with the next purchase (or two, maybe). I got crafty yesterday and have an extra little something for you.

Also, thank you to Dawn at Doe Studio for the long blog post about the swap stuff I sent her (remember her from this post?). It's always fun to see how someone else photographs the same thing as you.

:: PS I am looking for a good home for a camera. Has bleeding hot pixel problem, but if you tend to shoot in good light it's not a big deal. Can possibly be fixed (remapped?), but I don't know for how much.

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