Sunday, November 22, 2009

News and Soft Blocks

NEWS: Sale in the shop. free shipping for a limited time only.

Need a gift for a baby shower, or for your favourite one year old? I've had a lot of fun making these soft blocks lately. They're so easy and customizable for whatever you're good at. I know some people crochet them, and some people quilt them, and, of course, I use felted wool sweaters and embroider 'em.

The idea is from one of Amanda Soule's books. Check out the thread in the pic above. It's hand-dyes from this shop. I just love the colors. It's called moonlit sky.

The stitches above are one of my new favourite combinations borrowed from crazy quilters. Herringbone, zig zag daisy and french knots. I think french knots improve just about any project, and now I'm remembering where all the blue thread I was looking for went...

So, this one I sewed and then turned inside out and stuffed with polyfill. It's very light and more "ballish" than "blockish".

The next one I made was sewn on the outside and again stuffed with polyfill. I really like the sewing on the outside better as you get crisper corners.

Check out the little hidden pocket that I made. It's just small enough for a baby to stick their finger in. I tried it out on my almost 2 yr old and she thought the pocket was a riot. I wish I'd gotten better pictures of this guy. My eldest daughter embroidered a happy face onto the green side in glow in the dark thread.

The third try had sewing on the outside again and was stuffed with wool scraps. It's much weightier and more square - doesn't bulge out on the sides like above. I think I like that the best, but I'm not sure what other people would like. It would definitely take longer to dry if you washed it. The last one's a gift that hasn't been given yet, so no pictures. I like to play with colors as well as textures. These are for babies and that's what they are interested in. There are lots of bumpy bits, ribs, flaps and extra soft wool.

For everyone who keeps asking, no, I won't be offering these in my shop anytime soon. I would have to price them too high for anyone to afford because of the work involved. You'll just have to have a baby and I'll make one for you. Or make one yourself, cause they're oodles of fun.

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  1. I seriously love those! Very very cool! Let me know if you are ever interested in selling them - they would make a great gift for someone I know.